MagicEzy Tile Fix Repair Kit

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MagicEzy Tile Fix Repair Kit: Mix-N-Match Colors : Invisibly Repair Cracks And Chips Fast


  • EASILY COLOR MATCH virtually any color of ceramic or porcelain tile with the MagicEzy Color System™ ; 5 repair kits to choose from
  • REPAIR hairline cracks, chips, gouges and holes in ceramic or porcelain floor or wall tiles; Suitable for wet areas
  • EASY to apply in minutes; Clean, mix colors, squirt and level; It’s so easy, you’re protected by a 60-day no-questions-asked money back GUARANTEE
  • ULTRA STRONG ADHESION; nanotechnology adhesive and sealant deeply absorbs into crevices to deliver structural grade adhesion ;You can even use it to glue broken tiles back together.
  • 3 YEAR DURABILITY GUARANTEE: (incredible protection for a DIY user)

The MagicEzy Tile Repair Kit enables you to perform invisible, long-lasting repairs to nicks, scrapes or fine cracks in virtually any colored ceramic or porcelain tile.

Just mix and match the colors, apply to the damage and level the surface using the built-in leveling device.

The Tile Fix tubes inside the tile repair kit are all precolored, one part epoxy sealants that enable you to complete repairs in minutes.

With the MagicEzy Color System™ the color-mixing process is easy. Just follow the ‘drops application’ system and you can match virtually any colored tile with next to no wastage.

Full instructions are provided.

The Tile Repair Kit comes in 5 versions.


  • The Terracotta Repair Kit: for earthy terracotta tiles.
  • The Primary Colors Kit for bright or federation colored tiles
  • The Starter Kit for a large range of beiges, almond, tan, browns and creams
  • The Beige/White Kit if you have beige tiles
  • The Black and White Kit for different shades of gray.
  • Or buy colors individually


  • USE IT ON Hairline or spider cracks and small chips finer than 6 mm (1/4 inch) deep.
  • WORKS ON ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles.


  • Suitable for wet areas and food preparation areas
  • High gloss finish with gloss levels that are easy to adjust to matte.
  • Can be used on vertical surfaces using a hairdryer.
  • 3 year Durability GUARANTEE – incredible protection for a DIY user
  • 60 DAY NO-Questions-Asked Money Back GUARANTEE


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