MagicEzy Mega Fusion

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MagicEzy Mega Fusion – super strong primer for damaged plastic and aluminum touch-up repair

  • REPAIR CHIPS, GOUGES, CRACKS AND SCRATCHES in plastic and aluminum surfaces easily when you prime with Mega Fusion first
  • FIXES IN 2 EASY STEPS: 1. Prime with Mega Fusion. 2. Fix with other MagicEzy products
  • Perfect for car bumpers, jet skis, plastic parts on boats, aluminium boats, RVs and appliances
  • SUPER STRONG ADHESION: So strong you can also use it as an adhesive

Damaged plastic, carbon fiber, and aluminum are notoriously difficult to fix because many repair products won’t stick to the surface.

MagicEzy Mega Fusion is an industrial grade primer that primes aluminium and plastic surfaces so the damage can then easily be repaired using MagicEzy’s simple two-step repair process.

There’s no sanding, grinding, buffing or polishing required. You can complete a professional repair in just two easy steps:

1.Prime with Mega Fusion and allow to dry.

2.Fix, color and level in one application … with MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix or MagicEzy Hairline Fix (both products come in 10 popular colors)

FOR CHIPS, GOUGES AND WIDE CRACKS … apply 9 Second Chip Fix Nano filler to fill and color the damage in seconds. Then – if you want a glossy finish, apply a top coat of Hairline Fix.


Both 9 Second Chip Fix and Hairline Fix are available in 10 popular colors or you can mix two or more colors together and create virtually any shade.

You can also use it as a powerful adhesive to bond aluminium or plastic together. It’s that simple.



Works on:

•Most plastics

•Carbon Fiber



•Most metals where a primer is needed.


Repair these items and more:

•Car bumpers & fenders

•Jet skis and PWCs


•Boats with plastic guards, fairings,



•PVC Windows

•Plastic bathtubs


•Aluminium boats and aluminum painted hulls


•R.Vs and Caravans

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