Step-By-Step DIY Tile Repair Using MagicEzy

Step-By-Step DIY Tile Repair Using MagicEzy

This step-by-step process of tile repair is perfect in fixing chips or cracks on ceramic, stone, laminate and wood surfaces.

How To Do Tile Repair Using MagicEzy

1. Using a needle scrape to remove surface dirt inside chips / cracks. This dirt prevents penetration into cracks and adhesion to chips.

2. Scrub damage using a nail brush plus 2 drops of dish-washing detergent in a cup of water, then water rinse. Dry the area fully before proceeding.

3. Shake the tube FAST for 2 minutes to mix. Shaking also thins the TILE FIX for deep penetration inside cracks and minimizes air pockets.


4. Ensure repair area is as cool as body temperature.

5. Apply one drop to cracks or enough to fill the chip.

6. Turn tube 180 degrees to the ‘LEVEL’ or Spatula end.


7. Rapidly wipe the TILE FIX 10 times with the LEVEL to push into the crack. This rapidly thins the TILE FIX and then pushes it inside the damage.

8. When tacky, clean the “LEVEL” with a tissue, then wipe away surrounding smears.

9. Repeat step 7 until all smears are cleaned.


7. Wipe once with LEVEL spatula.

8. Clean LEVEL with a tissue and wipe off remaining smears from repair.

9. Repeat step 8 until all smears are removed.

DRY repair with Hairdryer for 2 minutes. Repair is touch dry in two hours. Deep damage may require up to 4 coats. Full strength is ACHIEVED in 2 weeks.

NOTE: WET AREAS. After 2+ hours cover the repair with sticky tape. Keep sealed for 2 weeks until full strength is achieved.

NOTE 2: MATTE or GLOSS. TILE FIX dries to a gloss. To make it MATTE after “Hairdryer stage” tap repair with a glove using feather touch pressure until it looks MATTE.

NOTE 3: Fill Drill holes or Large chips with MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix first (as shown) then color with TILE FIX.

After use store TILE FIX in a cool area.

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